Project Description

Location: United Kingdom

Primary Stakeholders: the Zero Hour campaign, and UK parliament

Sector/industry: Cross-sectoral policy, advocacy

Primary extractive or damaging activities: All of UK’s ecological and climate footprint

Affected ecosystem(s) and biodiversity: All global biodiversity that is affected by UK’s ecological and climate footprint

Goal: for UK parliament to pass a Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill which sets out a plan for the UK to achieve climate and nature targets, with the Mitigation and Conservation Hierarchy and the primary implementation mechanisms.

Specifically,  if passed, the bill will: “Require the United Kingdom to achieve climate and nature targets; to give the Secretary of State a duty to implement a strategy to achieve those targets; to establish a Climate and Nature Assembly to advise the Secretary of State in creating that strategy; to give duties to the Committee on Climate Change and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee regarding the strategy and targets; and for connected purposes.”

Metric(s): e.g. carbon emissions and the UK’s biodiversity metric

Mitigation & Conservation actions: The CEE bill states that “In keeping with the mitigation and conservation hierarchy, the UK first avoids, limits and/or compensates for the harm caused by consumption, trade finance and production. This includes damage from raw materials extraction, deforestation, pollution and waste”.

Stage of implementation and associated outcomes: The CEE bill has been submitted to parliament as a private members bill, and is currently supported by 12 co-sponsors, 121 MPs, 29 peers and 181 city councils.

Needs and next steps: For the the CEE Bill to be voted into law by UK Parliament, this creating a legal basis for delivering climate and nature goals, with the MCH as the implementing framework.

Key references and resources:

Credit: Zero Hour CEE Bill

You can read the full CEE Bill here