Project Description

Location: USA, and pacific ocean

Primary stakeholders: Private sector, NGOs, researchers

Sector/industry: Fisheries

Primary extractive or damaging activities: Overfishing due to bycatch

Affected ecosystem(s) and biodiversity: Pacific Sea Turtles

Goal: Healthy sea turtle populations

Metric(s): Total mortality (from bycatch) and survival to maturity (from nesting habitat protection)

Mitigation & Conservation actions: The Bellagio Blueprint for Action on Pacific Sea Turtles (2004) takes a holistic approach to turtle conservation in the Pacific ocean, which address multiple sources of anthropogenic mortality at critical stages in sea turtle’s life cycle. These include: effective protection of turtle nesting beaches through beach conservation (refrain, with funding via renew), reduced take (reduce and restore) of turtles in large-scale, commercial fishing fleets, and sustainability of traditional use (reduce) in subsistence, small-scale and artisanal coastal fisheries. See four steps diagram below for details.

Stage of implementation and associated outcomes: Implementation stage – an integrated approach to sea turtle conservation is ongoing, via the Blueprint for Action on Pacific Sea Turtles.

Needs and next steps: Analysis of whether or not the strategy is successful at delivering overall population recovery (i.e. net gain) goals.

Key resources and references: