Bridging the gap between ‘green-thinking’ & ‘green-doing’

As people are increasingly aware of the negative impacts of global supply chains on nature, many are demanding more sustainable products and making more conscious lifestyle choices. However, a recent study in the UK showed that while three-quarters of Brits are ‘green-thinking’ only around half are ‘green-doing’: there is a gap between people’s intentions and actions, and therefore a need to make green behaviours easier and more visible.  Our partner initiative – Pledge For Our Future – uses the Mitigation & Conservation Hierarchy to help individuals to bridge this gap.

The Mitigation & Conservation Hierarchy provides a simple framework to guide consumer and lifestyle choices that can contribute towards net positive outcomes for nature.

Pledge For Our Future aims to build a community of people who want to fundamentally reset their relationship with nature; and encourage people to make specific commitments for doing so, and monitor their progress over time.

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